Building on Keywords for Online Business Success


Anyone who runs a business knows that the number one determining factor of success or failure is location, location, location. Just as location is the cornerstone to a business’ success, keywords are the true foundation to a websites success. The key is to know what keywords your customers are using, and utilize them in a way to drive them to your website.

The number one rule to utilizing keywords is to use them quickly and often. The first step to creating a website is picking a domain name for your online business. The domain name is a great place to start implementing the keyword rule. The title of your website should also be written keyword friendly but still make sense to what your website is targeting. Use keywords in all headers, sub-headers and file names of your pages. Instead of page 1 how about “online money making ideas” or whatever your site is targeting.

Of course no single website is simply produced utilizing titles and headers; there is always the body of your website. To make the substance of your website keyword friendly, it must be a unique balance between being eloquent for your reader and playing into search engine rules. Of course you don’t want to repeat the same keyword or phrase over and over again, if you do, you will simply bore your readers until they turn to another site. On the other side, if you do not utilize keywords on your site it will not be picked up by the major search engines. The basic rule should be 4%, if you write a 400 word post on your site at least 16 words or phrases should be written in keyword friendly manner. Don’t consistently utilize the same keyword but use many different keywords that your targeted customers would search.

The best ways to find out the correct keywords to utilize can come in several different manners:

Brainstorm-Think of one word and expound on it. You think on-line business, what else would go with this home business, make money on-line, home based business and so on.

Thesaurus- Use a thesaurus to come up with synonyms others may use for the same topic instead of business you could say company or industry.

Hard Work-Start hitting the search engines and find out how many hits come up for a targeted keyword you would choose.

Word Tracker-Use a word tracker where the math is done for you of how many hits per month as well as the Google page rank or Alexa rank which is another popular site.

The key to running any successful business is to have potential customers to see it, visit and buy into your idea or product.
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Keywords can be the secret to your on-line business success.